Printing defects, including printing mistakes and missing characters, can be inspected. It is possible to record inspection data together with images for long term storage for possible use in the future.

Food insp

Detecting small defects or stranger objectives on the products. Also checking manufacturing date and reading code.

medical in

100% inspections ensure quality and clear traceability while also making it possible to optimize the production processes. Working reliably even at high conveyor speeds, for inspections in the μm range and on large inspection parts and complex objects.

Fuse inspecting

Fuse assembly mistakes can be discriminated by color and character. By using learning inspection, settings can be completed simply by registering good products, which makes it possible to respond to cases with many varieties.

PCB in

Getting the correct components in the right place is crucial for SMT PCB assembly and the latest IDS USB 3.0 camera technology is being used by contract PCB assembler,

Pick and place

When connecting a vision system with a robot, more flexible pick and place applications are possible.